Square Enix says it’s working on a fix for a game-breaking ‘Final Fantasy VI’ Android bug

January 21, 2014

The biggest problem is a bug that causes players' games to irreparably freeze during a pivotal scene. I haven't personally experienced it, but Pocket Gamer says it takes place "shortly after the events in Thamsa lead you to Strago and Relm" and advises players "just don't wander too far into the Esper's Cave or you'll run into the cutscene that triggers the freeze."

But this upcoming patch will also fix the game's most visible issue so far—namely, a glaring misspelling in its iconic opening scene.

Specifically the game's Google Play listing says:

The following bugs have been confirmed and fixes are forthcoming:

  • The game no longer crashes during the cutscene showing the fight between Kefka and General Leo.
  • The icon for Sabin's Blitz ability now displays correctly.
  • A misspelling of the term "Esper" has been corrected.

Maybe this explains why the iPad version is taking so long to come out.


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