British start-up unleashes sub-$300 Ice Cream Sandwich tablets

April 10, 2012

The firm’s director of design, Sam Goult (previously marketing manager of another UK tablet maker, called Elonex) says that the four new tablets are split into two products; the GoTab and GoTab Epic. The former range comprises 7-inch and 10-inch tablets sporting TV-friendly aspect ratios of 16:9, while the GoTab Epic range boasts an 8-inch tablet and a 9.7-inch version. Both feature IPS displays with contrast ratios of 4:3.

Remarkably, all of the tablets are under £200 (approximately $315) – an impressive price-point considering the inclusion of Android 4.0 and the presence of multi-touch capacitive touchscreens. The GoTab pair sell for £109 (approximately $170) and £149 ($230) respectively, and the GoTab Epic tablets are available for respective prices of £129 ($205) and £179 ($285).

The firm is very much in its infancy, and despite having previously sold PCs and desktops, was only established in Birmingham, England towards the end of 2011. The firm has a team of 20 people in Birmingham (although its website also points to offices in Milan, Italy), but relies on manufacturing from China, and on its products being distributed into the channel by Asbis, a reseller which distributes in 27 countries.

Tablet hardware is not all that Ergo Electronics does however, with the firm also now offering e-Readers and an e-Book reader app on Google Play. These books can be read on any Google-powered smartphone or tablet, and support the PDF and ePub formats.


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