Experiencing back and neck pain when using your tablet? This infographic shows what you’re doing wrong

October 12, 2012

The infographic compiles data from Harvard, Stanford and market analyst Pew Research Center among others, and reveals some useful tips in how to avoid the pain crippling ‘tablet hunch’.

Citing a study from Harvard, the data shows that head and neck postures can be improved by avoiding lap-level use either by using your hand or a tablet case, and there’s also the recommendation to keep your neck straight, your shoulders relaxed and your arms positioned by the side.

Furthermore, tablet users are encouraged to take regular breaks from their tablet, advised to shift their seating position from time to time and to utilize a separate keyboard if typing for long periods.

Tablet users are also urged to place their tablet just at or below their field of vision to avoid the ‘tablet hunch’ and to sync their device with a computer or TV to improve posture.


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