Study: App developers are happy working on iOS and Android, but don’t fancy the look of HTML5 or RIM

September 26, 2012

The study was carried out in August and took in the views of just over 5,500 Appcelerator developers.

The report revealed that 85% and 83% these developers are “very interested” in developing apps for the iPhone and the iPad respectively, with interest for developing Android smartphone and tablet apps dimming slightly on a quarterly basis to respective figures of 76% and 66%.

However, while all is well for Apple and Google, the data painted a more worrying picture for Research in Motion, with just 9% of developers now saying they are still interested in developing apps for BlackBerry phones.

To illustrate RIM's fall from grace, the report revealed that this figure stood at almost 40% back in January of last year, and hinted that ‘mild optimism’ for Windows 8 could further dent the hopes of RIM and Android.

With the majority of mobile developers (63%) still planning to make both smartphone and tablet apps by 2015, the IDC/Appcelerator study revealed the need for a single development environment but nonetheless had some concerning data regarding HTML5.

Developers ranked their satisfaction with nearly every feature of HTML5 as ‘neutral to ‘dissatisfied’, including user experience, performance, monetization, fragmentation, and security. The developers were more happy with the cross-development capabilities of the technology, however.

Furthermore, IDC and Appcelerator discovered developers plan to make apps for a myriad of different products by 2015, including Internet-connected cars, devices with foldable screens and Google's Project Glass. Indeed, 68.1% of developers will reportedly develop apps for foldable screen devices.


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