British schools are holding out for Windows 8 tablets

May 31, 2012

The 'Future of tablets and apps in schools' report found that 6% of all “pupil-facing computers” will be non-Windows tablets by the end of the year (4.5% in primary schools, 6.9% in secondary schools), with this figure shooting up to a considerable 22% by the end of 2015.

The study indicates that 72% of schools want more evidence on the benefits of tablets before deploying any units, and the BESA says that schools may be holding back for Windows 8, which will work across desktops and tablets.

However, further adding to this, the report reveals that many schools are still cautious about deploying tablets because of security and installation issues. Indeed, BESA found that 85% of the schools are worried about managing and securing these devices, with 71% concerned with the installation and purchase of apps.

Somewhat unsurprisingly given the nature of the education sector, 82% of UK schools highlighted financial constraints as a possible hindrance in deploying tablets.

What is more surprising is that the report suggests some primary schools still want backing from the British government before deploying such devices, even though UK schools were granted the autonomy to make their own ICT buying decisions in 2010.


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