Study: Forget netbooks, tablets will ‘eventually’ replace laptops

January 12, 2012
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The firm surveyed 1,155 registered voters earlier on in the month, with the findings suggesting that the tablet could yet emerge as competition to the laptop. Research search indicated that, of the 46% who think tablets will prevail, 53% were aged 30-53 years old, while 53.2% were male. 

The study also revealed that 34.8% of voters think the laptop will stick around, while a bored 19.2% had no opinion on the matter.

A key point about the study is that it gave no obvious timescale on the transition, meaning that those 46% may not be as mad (or forward-thinking) as you think they are.

Nonetheless, the study once again raises the question as to where tablets sit in computing space. Most manufacturers see tablets as to filling the gap between smartphones and laptops at present, but others, including a senior product manager from Texas Instruments, believe tablets could one-day evolve as the primary computing device.


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