Study: Half of tablet/smartphone users put up with mobile advertising

January 10, 2012

The report evaluated what kind of apps smartphone and tablet users have downloaded, including both free and paid-for applications and across a range of different categories. Unsurprisingly, only a small percentage of these users downloaded only paid-for apps, with the majority opting for free apps, or a mixture of free and paid-for apps.  

Nielsen says that mobile consumers tend to have an average of 33 apps installed on their device. The researcher said that users preferring free applications tended to plump for for gaming, music and social networking apps. Approximately 35% of mobile consumers said that they would pay for game applications, while 29% would pay for mapping or navigation apps. 27% said that they would pay for music-based applications.

Furthermore, Nielsen’s study delved into the use of multiple screens by 25,000 consumers from 56 countries, and found that 12% of consumers already own a tablet worldwide, with another 19% planning to purchase one in the near future.

Somewhat surprisingly, Nielsen’s study indicated that tablet adoption is above the worldwide average in Asia Pacific, with 18% of consumers in this area owning a device, and 27% planning to buy one at some point in the future.

The picture below details which paid-for and free apps are preferred by consumers in the US. A link to the study came be found in the links section below.


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