Study: iPad Mini will be a flop, but people will still buy it

July 10, 2012
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1,012 people were polled for the VoucherCodesPro study and almost half (42%) of these said that a 7-inch iPad would be Apple’s biggest mistake, with another fifth (21%) deeming the device 'not at all necessary'. Compounding Apple’s misery further, only 6% said that an iPad Mini would be a good idea, although 9% said the tablet was ‘much needed’.

However, for all the doom and gloom, it is worth noting that 42% of respondents already owned an iPad, while the respondents were asked what could be seen as a leading question (“What would you make of a new iPad that was smaller and less expensive, but perhaps not as good in quality?”).

Furthermore, the study pulled up that a considerable 31% of all respondents would still consider buying an iPad Mini, by no means a bad figure considering many of these folk seem to have already written off the device, which hasn’t even hit the market yet.  The tablet also only just trailed the Nexus 7 (54%) and Surface (46%) in terms of purchase intent, too.

"If people are more interested in the Nexus 7 or Surface, perhaps Apple should have a rethink and come up with something more original, not just a smaller version of something that’s already out there”, said George Charles, marketing director at

Rumors on a 7-inch iPad have done the rounds for some time now, the most reliable of which would seem to indicate that Apple is testing a 7.85-inch iPad in Cupertino with a view to launch it in October.


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