Study: Tablet activations are on the rise in small business

March 22, 2012

The study states that smartphones currently make of 75% of mobile devices used by small businesses, but, promisingly, outlines that tablet activation has grown to the point where the segment now represents about 25% of all Android and Apple activations.

As to be expected, most of these customers indicate a preference for Apple’s iPad, although Intermedia says that Samsung Galaxy tablet activations have doubled since October of last year.

Intermedia manages over 400,000 premium hosted Exchange email accounts, and, for the purpose of the study, reviewed the number of ActiveSync-based devices its customers activated to synchronize email, contacts and email.

As of late 2011, the study indicates that 25% of all ActiveSync device activations are tablets, and claims that tablet activations increased from 19% of ActiveSync mobile device activations in October, to 26% in December. 


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