Microsoft’s Surface tablet getting some early buzz – and buyers

October 26, 2012

Various outlets, including Microsoft pop-up stores, had good traffic and interest, according to several reports by Reuters.

"It's a good tablet. I am not a huge i-anything fan, I like Windows," said Matt Shanahan, a software developer who drove four hours to the tiny Michigan Avenue pop-up store in Chicago from Grand Rapids, Michigan to buy a Surface. "My friend and I are software developers and this gives us an opportunity to develop new apps," he told Reuters.

Mike Gipe, 50, who works in sales for bank Barclays, said he was planning to buy a Surface tablet at Microsoft's pop-up store in Times Square in New York.

"I like the flexibility of having the keyboard and the touch capability," Gipe told Reuters. "It's the combination of having the consumer stuff and the work stuff," he said, looking forward to using Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on the new device.

But Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps, said consumers may be better off waiting for tablets that run the full Windows 8 Pro and Intel Corp chips, which aren’t due out till early next year.

"Windows 8 has a lot of great features, but RT has a long way to go," she said, citing a lack of apps and poor video performance on the Surface.


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