Surprise: You can now read Flipboard magazines on your desktop

July 23, 2013

The company confirmed the news on its blog today and said that the first step to desktop involves over two million user-created magazines, a feature introduced with Flipboard 2.0 in March, coming to the web.

Current Flipboard users are able to share these magazines via email or social networks, with recipients able to read the content on their desktop, smartphone and tablet browser, even if they don't have a Flipboard account.

As with Flipboard’s apps for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets, readers can “flip” pages from left to right as well as click through to original news sources and subscribe to Flipboard magazines.

Flipboard, which has approximately 75 million mobile users, says that web magazines are supported in desktop browsers IE9+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox and in 11 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German.

Check the four Flipboard magazines maintained by TabTimes:

All of this is just the start for the news aggregator though with CEO Mike McCue indicating to Mashable that the move to desktop is easier to "roll out in pieces". The remaining Flipboard features are expected to come to desktop and mobile browsers later this year.


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