SwiftKey Tablet X: A classy virtual keyboard, with some nice surprises

January 11, 2012

The app is available from the Android Market and offers a simple, clutter-free UI when entering the app. The keyboard works across various applications and supports 22 languages.

The virtual keyboard is well designed; offering ample spacing, a fast response time and striking visibility. There are options for audio input and a split keyboard while typists can choose between ‘rapid’ (needs auto-correction) and ‘precise’ (utilizes predictions) text entry.

Impressively, SwiftKey Tablet X is can learn how you write through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and SMS integration, while the predictions engine begins suggesting words before you’ve finished typing.

SwiftKey Tablet X is not without faults (the prediction engine has room for improvement) but is a well-designed and affordable ($4.99) keyboard with great features.


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