Swype co-founder wants to reinvent tablet typing with Dryft

September 10, 2013

Announced at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Marsden detailed how Dryft overlays a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the screen as soon as you’ve rested all eight-fingers on the display, and went onto to explain how it uses the tablet’s touch sensor and accelerometer to judge when you are typing or simply resting your palms.

The keyboard neatly fits around your fingers and keys can be adjusted in size, while Dryft says that this — and the improved autocorrect accuracy — enables users to type up to 80 words per minute.

When showcasing Dryft on an Android tablet app at the conference, Marsden said that the service will significantly improve virtual tablet typing, an area which he says has been problematic for some time.

“You see all these people using these Bluetooth keyboards with their tablets,” said Marsden. “And they’re basically turning those things back into laptops. This is the market saying there’s a problem.”

Dryft is to launch sometime in 2014, with the company planning to license its patented technology to all key operating systems and app developers. 


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