Infographic: The rising numbers of tablets in the workplace

January 19, 2012

The infographic, which was created towards the end of last year, was sponsored by Lenovo and Qualcomm and reveals that the number of shipped tablets is set to jump from  16.1 million units (of which, around one million were bought by businesses) in 2010, to147.2 million in 2015, thereby representing around a third of all online US consumers, according to Forrester. The infographic suggests that of this figure, around 45 million tablets will be purchased by businesses.

The graphic reveals that 41% of small and medium business (SMB) employees use their own tablets for work purposes (a sign of the growing bring-your-own device trend), and suggests that 16% of small companies are piloting tablet use. Another 14% of SMBs said that they had deployed tablets to specific groups, while 28% of companies said that they had no plans to use tablets in the workplace.

The research found that tablet usage in enterprise was not dissimilar to that of the everyday consumer. Web browsing was the most popular action (73%), followed by email (69%). Approximately 67% of business people used their tablets to work remotely, while 46% and 45% used their devices for sales support or customer presentations. In contrast, gaming was the most popular usage (84%) among consumer tablet owners, followed by browsing (78%) and email (74%).

The infographic also details some interesting statistics on productivity and app development. Respondents said that mobile tablets boost field service tech productivity by 28%, while 47% said that they see demand for sales force automation apps on tablets. Results also suggested that 30% of IT shops are either piloting or planning custom tablet apps, and revealed that 71% of SMBs view tablets as an additional device (not as a replacement to a desktop or laptop).

Respondents listed Skype, PrinterShare, for mobile, Citrix Receiver, SignMyPad, Fuze Meeting and OneNote as some of the best tablet productivity apps, while the infographic, unsurprisingly, put Apple as the most popular tablet operating system with a 61.3% market share. Android followed with 30.1%, with Microsoft/ Windows a/BlackBerry accounting for 4.6% and 3.3%, respectively

The below infographic compiled data from a number of sources, including Google's AdMob, Engadget, Forbes, Forrester Research, IDC and Nielsen, among others.


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