Tablet apps of the week: Banking on Kindle Fire, Mashable on iPad, and…Progressive Dentists?

March 9, 2012
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Citibank, Kindle Fire Edition

On Thursday, Citibank announced the release of the first banking app designed exclusively for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This provoked the question: With millions of Kindle Fire tablets on the market, why haven’t other banks done this already?

Whatever the case, CitiBank’s Kindle Fire Edition app is available now for free via Amazon’s Appstore for Android. It functions much like the bank’s app for the iPad, but the UI and design has been optimized for the tablet’s 7-inch screen.

In addition to analyzing past expenditures, the app also allows users to reach out directly to customer service from within the app and Twitter.

Mashable for iPad

On March 2, Mashable released an iPad app (free, iTunes)  that allows readers to access all of the site’s ever-expanding well of content.

Mashable made some interesting decisions with the app’s interface. Instead of going with a magazine-style layout, the designers use a fairly unique stream-style template that allows readers to see and interact with social and online tangents for any given story.

There’s a lot of content on the page, but it looks different, and it provides a fairly easy way to sort all of Mashable’s stories. That counts for a lot.


Perfect for students, teachers, and professionals, OmniGraphSketcher ($14.99, iTunes) allows users to craft precise graphs via imported data or without any data at all.

The app has numerous features, such as sketch recognition, which can turn your drawings into smooth curves, and an extensive set of labels and symbols that you can use within any given graph.

The newest version of the app, which was released on February 29, improves the interface and incorporates a new document browser view that will pave the way for document syncing in the future.

The Progressive Dentist magazine

Having had a number of rough experiences at various dentists, we appreciate the intent behind The Progressive Dentist.

This trade tablazine for professional dentists is a little pricey ($49/issue, $140/year), but tackles some interesting topics, such as social media less painful injections, improved hygiene and more.

Each issue contains 15-16 stories, some of which can be found on The Progressive Dentist website. It has a nice clean layout as well as a free mode that allows you to preview any given issue. 


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