Tablet apps of the Week: Sharepoint document collaboration, multi-iPad sketching, and real estate

February 25, 2012
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Sketchshare: Real-time collaborative design

Released a few weeks ago, Sketchshare ($1.99, iTunes) is a pretty remarkable collaborative tool. The app allows simultaneous sketching by up to four users on four different iPads at a time. This means that whatever is being written, drawn, or diagrammed on one iPad appears simultaneously on all the other connected devices.

The app also includes voice chat, pinch-zooming, and the ability to email or tweet images.

Perfect for agencies, designers, AGILE developers, and anyone who regular conducts remote meetings in small groups. 

Coaxion: Document sharing, including SharePoint

Within large organizations, individual work groups often adapt different or unique solutions for storing, managing, and accessing documents. So what happens in cross-departmental meetings? Chaos, usually.

Coaxion (free or $19.99 for Pro version, iTunes) is for anyone who hates spending the first 10 or 15 minutes of any meeting getting everyone on the same. This app does that for you, providing real-time distribution of MS Office documents of any size to iPads (and iPhones).

The beauty of the app is its syncing support for the SharePoint 2003, 2007, and 2010, which will be a godsend for many corporations. The $19.99 pro version of the app supports and also permits editing, annotating, and formatting documents and saving them back to their source using QuickOffice Pro.

Coaxion’s security features encrypted file sharing as well as remote wiping of documents. Dropbox syncing is also supported, as are Documents To Go, PDF Annotate, and more.

The interface is a little clunky, but this is a great app for product development, project planning, and even board meetings. Tremendous potential here. Real Estate Search

With an average rating of 4 stars across 21,000+ user reviews,’s property hunting app (free, iTunes) has been a mainstay for years.

The recent update adds some nice new features. In addition to a streamlined interface including pinch zooming, the app displays recently sold/foreclosed properties, price-reduced homes, and pricing changes, including date and dollar.

QuickOffice HD: Finally, MS Office 2010 compatibility

Regular readers of TabTimes are probably already aware of this, but earlier this week, Quickoffice ($19.99, iTunes and Android) released an update that provided compatibility with MS Office 2012’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Excel power users will welcome another of the app’s 4.0 update: While in a spreadsheet, users can “freeze” certain areas or columns so that they remain visible no matter where you scroll.


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