Tablet-only correspondence courses catch fire in Japan

May 22, 2014
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Paper-based courses are out, tablet-based courses are in.

As Japan Times reports, at least three major japanese companies in the education business are seeing great success from their latest tablet offerings.

  • Benesse launched tablet-based correspondence courses for elementary school students just a few months ago. At $33 per month, they are priced the same as paper-based courses, with the additional benefit of the tablet being offered for free after subscribers have used the service for 6 months. Almost 100,000 families registered in just a few weeks.
  • DeNA offers a service at a lower price, just $10 per month, but users must have their own tablet as courses are delivered from a downloadable app.
  • JustSystems had been offering tablet courses to elementary school students since 2012. It launched a similar service geared towards junior high school students, last December. This service is priced at $38 per month.

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