Tablet sales to businesses growing 3 times faster than sales to consumers

March 8, 2014
18 7

Coverage of the latest IDC figures about tablet shipments have focused on the expected lowering growth rate of the overall market – from 52% in 2013 to 19% in 2014.

But most observers have missed the other projection by IDC, about the increased percentage of tablets which are bought by organizations rather than consumers.

IDC forecasts that what they call “commercial” sales of tablets will grow from 11% of overall sales in 2013 to 14% in 2014, and continue to increase to 18% of the overall market in 2018.

A simple calculation by TabTimes shows that this results in commercial sales projected to grow by 52% in 2014: Businesses will buy 36.5 million units in 2014 vs. 24 million units in 2013, a growth of over 50%.

Meanwhile, the consumer market would grow by 15% in 2014. The commercial projected growth rate is thus more than 3 times higher than the consumer one.

Of course, these are only projections. The launch -or not- of new generation iPad products this year could easily disrupt these projections higher, mostly on the consumer side in the short term.

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