Tablet sales will rise above the PC, but Amazon and Samsung are struggling

June 7, 2012

This information comes courtesy of new research from the Yankee Group, which reveals that Apple’s iPad currently accounts for 51% of all tablets owned in the United States.

That said, the firm says that 25% of consumers planning to buy a tablet in the next six months still aren't sure what tablet to buy, which would suggest that all is not lost for the likes of Samsung and Amazon.

Both of these companies could probably do with a helping hand if this research is anything to by. Yankee claims that interest in the Kindle Fire has cooled considerably of late, with ownership stalling at 7%, but with the intent to buy among US consumers dropping to 6% from 11% in the space of six months.

Samsung also seems to be struggling, as an increasing number of prospective tablet owners do not seem to be considering the firm's range of Galaxy Tab tablets. Indeed, more than 10% of tablet owners had a Samsung device a year ago, but this has now fallen to 7%, while the intent to buy among US consumers has halved from 8% to 4% over the same time-frame.

That wasn’t the end of the bad news for non-Apple tablet manufacturers either, as Yankee’s report went onto reveal less than 4% of tablet owners have a BlackBerry PlayBook, or a Motorola or Dell tablet, with just 2% owning an Asus slate.


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