Tablet shipments set to grow ‘overnight’ thanks to new trade-in programs

September 11, 2013
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For the year, IDC predicts approximately 227.3 million tablets will have shipped by the end of 2013, accounting for 14.6% of the global computing market.

IDC research analyst Megha Saini says in a report that buy-back programs are helping to grow the market for new tablets, giving not only new, but current tablet owners a reason to consider buying a new model. 

"At a time when the smartphone and tablet markets are showing early signs of saturation, the emergence of lower-priced devices will be a game-changer," says Saini. 

"Introducing new handsets and tablet devices at cheaper price points along with special initiatives like trade-in programs from Apple and BestBuy will accelerate the upgrade cycle and expand the total addressable market overnight."

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