Tablet Tips: How to safely jailbreak and fully customize your iPad

March 26, 2012
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There are numerous reasons to jailbreak an iOS device, chief of which, in our opinion is to expand your tablet’s already very capable capabilities.

Ever wished that you could put as many apps into a single folder as you pleased? Want to lock your iPad with a secure pattern lock of the sort Android users currently enjoy? Perhaps you want to be able to use FaceTime over 3G? Jailbreaking your iPad can allow for all of this or more.

At this time, it’s not possible to jailbreak an A5 chip powered iOS 5.1 device such as iPad 2 or the iPhone 4S without having to connect them to a computer each and every time you have to reboot or turn the tablet or phone off. That said, the methodology for what is called an ‘untethered’ jailbreak for these devices is said to be drawing closer to release every day.

The first-generation iPad, on the other hand, is fair game. Over at Mac|, Cory Bohon walks us through the finer points of executing a jailbreak. The process is simple, safe for your device, and easy to follow. It’s the perfect use for a spare first-gen iPad.

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