Tablet Tips: Restore deleted iPad apps, plus iPad keyboard tricks

May 28, 2012

For many users,  the optimal iPad experience doesn’t stem from the form and function of the tablet, but from finding the right app for the job. As part of the search for productivity perfection, apps often get downloaded, tried on for size and then deleted. As with so many other times in life, sometimes the first thing you try will be the best. In order to recover an app that you’ve intentionally or mistakenly removed from your iPad, there’s no need to sync your tablet with your computer, pester IT,  or search for the program in the iTunes App Store’s massive catalog.

Instead, as iPad Insight suggests, simply pay a visit to the App Store’s Purchased tab, located at the bottom of the iTunes App Store interface on your iPad. You’ll find a full list of every application you’ve ever purchased for your use on your tablet. Provided that your payment information is up to date, downloading any of your previously purchased apps for free is as simple as entering your password. Not only will downloading your apps via the Purchased tab save you time and frustration, we’ve found it’s a great way to keep your iPad’s home screen uncluttered. You can always re-download a seldom-used application on an as-needed basis.

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