Tablet Tips: Spring cleaning for your device

June 11, 2012

Listen, we need to talk. Your tablet: it’s disgusting. Don’t worry, so is everyone else’s. Thanks to the amount of tapping, prodding, swiping and other handling the average iPad undergoes on a daily basis, it’s not a wonder that they’re a germ and greasy filth-ridden mess by the end of the day. While most of us are satisfied with a quick wipe with a soft rag, sometimes the amount of crud your tablet’s accumulated by the end of the day calls a higher level of sanitary measures. Luckily, CNET’s Ed Rhee put together an excellent guide last summer that explains how to save your iPad, Playbook or Android Tablet from most of the ugly messes you’re likely to encounter during a busy workweek.

Rhee’s feature offers best practices for cleaning your tablet’s screen of fingerprints, what to do if your display is marred by ink, food or makeup, which cleaning products you should avoid using, and what to do if your tablet is accidentally exposed to moisture. If you’ve got a few minutes over lunch to spare, Rhee’s tips are all worthwhile, and could help to not only keep your tablet squeaky clean, but could even prolong it’s life.

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