Here are ten top tweeters well worth following

December 6, 2011

Looking for interesting conversations and tips about the space? Besides TabTimes' own Twitter feed, this list of entrepreneurs, commentators, and influencers in the tech/mobile industry is a great start.

We’ve ordered the list by Klout score (lowest to highest), which is a solid indicator of their Twitter influence.

Eric Litman
Klout score: 35
Eric Litman is an entrepreneur and CEO of Medialets, a mobile ad platform that works with most major publishers. He tweets about anything and everything mobile marketing-related, including tablets.


Bo Sacks
Klout: 36
Anyone familiar with Bob Sacks, a media industry consultant, would believe his Twitter tagline (an “innovator who regularly electrified the media”). His feed curates the best media news of the day, including the latest about tablets.


Roger Black
Klout: 43
Roger Black is at the forefront of designing for the tablet and is one of the founders Treesaver, an HTML5 technology to adjust layout to any screen. He tweets mostly about media design and tablets, though politics also show up in the stream.


Mike McCue
Klout: 50
Mike McCue is the man behind one of the most talked-about iPad apps, Flipboard. McCue’s tweets are great for anyone who is a fan of the product, as he often interacts with customers, in addition to pointing to relevant pieces covering the tablet and media industry.


Tom Krazit
Klout: 52
Tom Krazit, a reporter at, thinks and writes about anything and everything mobile. His informative and humorous tweets make other mobile enthusiasts look like rookies.


Rafe Needleman
Klout: 63
CNET editor Rafe Needleman has been writing about technology since the ‘80s, so he knows his stuff. His feed includes straightforward tech info—pointing to his blog, which covers everything tablets, including new apps, start-ups and trends—laced with pithy observations about the industry.


Gina Trapani
Klout: 63
Gina Trapani is one of the most respected technology founders, coders and writers. She tweets a blend of fun and informative, from geeky fodder for developers to useful tips for the average Joe. While she gave in and bought an iPad, Android is her first love.


Harry McCracken
Klout: 67
The former EIC of PC World, tech journalist Harry McCracken writes for and also founded Technologizer, a site devoted to all things tech (with a section devoted to the iPad). He presents a good mix of commentary, links and retweets—managing to stay on topic in an entertaining way.


Jason Snell
Klout score: 68
It’s hard to believe some people are able to keep up with numerous conversations on Twitter and still get their day jobs done, but Jason Snell is one of them. When the editorial director of Macworld isn’t at the Apple store, he’s talking about Apple with readers.


Robert Scoble
Klout score: 80
Robert Scoble is a household name in tech circles, after being a technology evangelist at Microsoft and now Rackspace. His tweets cover the technology world broadly, often hitting on cool new apps. His ability to add personality and foster good conversation make him worthy of a Klout score that towers above the rest.


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