Tablet users are ‘a slippery bunch’ says eMarketer report, but there is a way for advertisers to reach them

September 18, 2013

That's the conclusion of a new report by eMarketer that notes tablet users are rarely "off-the-grid."

"While that makes them highly accessible to marketers, tablet users are a slippery bunch that frequently shifts attention from one device to another,” says eMarketer.

The research firm estimates that over 73 million tablet users—57% of the U.S. tablet-using population and 30% of U.S. Internet users—will also use a smartphone at least once per month this year. By 2017, the number of dual tablet/smartphone users will top 126 million and represent nearly 80% of all tablet users—almost half of all U.S. Internet users. 

The eMarketer study concludes that multitasking is second nature for tablet users and even though that may also be an indication of a distracted consumer, it’s an opportunity for marketers.

"Brands implementing a measurable 'all-screen' marketing strategy will have the best chance to win this group's 'catch me if you can' game," the research firm said.

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