Evernote now has 34 million users, thanks in part to tablets and smartphones

June 19, 2012

Libin was speaking at the LeWeb conference in London and revealed that Evernote has jumped from a user base of 20 million at the end of last year to 34 million just six months later. Although most of these users use Evernote for free, Libin did say that around 4% (1.4 million) do pay for the service.

The Evernote CEO's presentation was certainly littered with statistics but perhaps the most interesting of them all was the figure that 75% of new Evernote users discover the service via a smartphone or tablet device, with a considerable 45% of these going onto download the desktop version.

“Mobile makes profit by itself, but it’s also the biggest originating source,” said Libin.

However, breaking down the stats further, Libin revealed that Apple iPad and Mac users are the most prevalent devices when it comes to helping to boost Evernote revenues, at least when it comes down to average revenue per user each year.

The Evernote CEO said that iPad users generate $2.18 in this regard, with $3.18 coming from Mac owners, making Apple 'Evernote's most profitable platform', according to Libin. In comparison, Android and desktop came in at $1.06 and $1.81, respectively.

It is perhaps unsurprising then that Evernote – which collects payment on a direct, in-app basis –remains happy to give Apple a 30% cut for each in-app purchase. 

“We don’t begrudge Apple their 30% because it's more frictionless. People complain that in-app spending is expensive but when you think about the massive marketing and discoverability you get from the app store, you should think of it as the transaction stuff plus marketing."


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