Researchers: Tablets and Windows 8 are having an adverse effect on PC sales

July 12, 2012

Gartner and IDC once again released their quarterly PC figures just a day apart, with both claiming that worldwide PC shipments were down by 0.1% on a year-on-year basis in the second quarter. Gartner claim that shipments now stand at 87.5 million units, with IDC suggesting a figure of 86.7 million units instead.

Consumer spending habits came up as one of the primary reasons for the PC slump. Gartner highlighted the rise of tablets and smartphone as a possible explanation for poor PC sales, while IDC put the weak figures down to the view that purchasing PC habits are now in an era of ‘tech transition’.

Windows 8 was also mentioned as a possible reason for slow PC sales, with the OS not expected to launch to PC manufacturers until next month, while both research firms used their reports to state that the future of the PC market could rely to some extent on how Ultrabooks fare.

The Intel-backed form factor remains a nascent technology and shipments to date have been small, but IDC believes that this could change on the introduction of Windows 8 and a drop in pricing.


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