Tablets are increasingly being used for PC tasks, claims Ben Bajarin

November 27, 2012

NEW YORK – Speaking at the TabletBiz conference in New York today, Bajarin said tablets are disrupting the PC by offering new use cases, ‘intimate’ usability and powerful performance, and said that netbook helped the bring about the rise of tablets.

“I think the ‘aha’ moment happened with netbooks.

“The notebook and PCs have over-served the mass needs of the market and people realized that they could pay $300 or $400 for something [a netbook] that would do 80-90% of what needed,” said Bajarin.

And after adding that tablets are now outselling PCs quarterly with this trend to expand worldwide by 2015, Bajarin said that people are now more likely to own a tablet than a notebook going forward.

“The assumption that everybody will have a notebook in the world has shifted from the notebook to the tablet, and PC tasks are being taken to the tablet. All volume is moving to tablets and we’re moving to a touch-centric and touch literate world.”


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