Nifty new tablets might prove to be TOO popular

October 26, 2012

San Jose Mercury News columnist Chris O’Brien says one of the biggest threats tablet makers could be facing is the very popularity of the new devices.

“Because tablets are so new, it's unclear how long they last before a consumer feels it's obsolete and wants to upgrade to a newer one,” says O’Brien.

“Clearly, Apple is nervous about this, which is likely why they're not allowing owners of the original iPad to upgrade to the newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS6.

“At their rate of growth, it's conceivable that everyone who wants a tablet might have one in the next couple of years, according to Consumer Electronics Association analysts. And unless tablet makers can convince large number of people to keep replacing them, then the tablet industry (aka, Apple), could be facing stagnation.”

Or for some, somethng far worse, as O'Brien concludes: 

"Still, while that danger lurks on the horizon, at the moment, the era of tablet computing is still in ascension. Every company in computing must figure out how to ride the tablet tidal wave or drown in its wake."


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