Analyst: Tablets will be the ‘stepping stone’ for Windows 8 adoption in enterprise

December 10, 2012

In an email exchange with TabTimes, Chaudhry claimed that the iPad’s impact on business is “still limited”, but is placing greater hope in Microsoft and with tablets running the Windows 8 operating system.

“We expect to see growth on the Windows 8 side as the full integration of iPads into the business environment and business networks is still limited, and this growth will be fuelled for example by hybrid devices using Windows 8,” said Chaudhry.

And while the Context analyst warned that Windows 8 will take time to come to the masses, he added that tablets could well be the key to this wider adoption.

“To date, we haven't seen a big push in sales for Windows 8 tablets as CTOs are still waiting for service pack 1 and the removal of any initial bugs before committing to making an investment in these tablets.

“We believe that tablets will be a stepping stone to enterprises adopting Windows 8 and would expect to see growth towards the middle of 2013.”

Recent studies have suggested that Windows 8 will be something of a slow burner in the tablet market, growing from 2.9% of devices in 2012 to 10.2% by 2016 (figures from IDC).

The industry consensus has often been that these tablets will be corporately deployed, although a report from Forrester Research suggests that a high percentage of Windows 8 tablets in business will instead come through bring-your-own-device (BYOD) schemes.


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