Tablets edge out notebooks in survey of small business owner’s technology purchase plans

April 2, 2012

In a survey of over 1,100 independent business owners, 55% said they expect to use a tablet or other device in the future.  And almost half of those surveyed, (45%) said their next technology purchase will be a tablet, beating out laptops which came in second at 41%.

Already, according to the SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey by Newtek Business Services, 28% of business owners say they’re currently using tablets for their business applications. While that’s only a bit more than a quarter of those responding, it’s more than said notebooks (19%) or desktop computers (17%). 

“We are surprised but closely focused on the growth of the tablet as a tool for independent business owners,” said Barry Sloane, CEO of The Small Business Authority. “Our client base in excess of 100,000 business accounts when surveyed indicated that over 50% are utilizing the tablet as one of their several devices for business applications.” 


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