Law firm gives iPads to opposing counsel?

February 24, 2012

A running joke on the TV show Parks and Recreation had the cash rich, though ultimately doomed, fictional startup Entertainment 720 giving away iPads like they were candy.

That’s not really what Fennemore Craig is up to. It's not giving away free iPads, but the southwest regional law firm is making them readily available to clients and even opposing counsel.

Fennemore Craig says it’s replaced volumes of paper with “a fleet of iPads” preloaded with legal materials given to clients and opposing council. And the IPad is proving useful beyond just the easy exchange and storage of documents; Fennemore Craig says its using the iPads to communicate with lawyers instantly through built-in FaceTime or Skype apps.

The attorneys also deliver iPads with comprehensive "video settlement demand packages" to opposing counsel, insurance company adjusters and mediators complete with computer-generated images, Keynote presentations, video interviews, scene diagrams, expert-witness interviews and photos.

“The iPad has revolutionized the way we communicate with our clients and resolve cases," says Marc Lamber, chair of Fennemore Craig's Plaintiff's Personal Injury Practice Group. "The iPad technology allows us to gather evidence faster and engage our clients even more thoroughly," adds James Goodnow, Lamber's partner.

Motion Computing's medical deal is a knockout

Motion Computing announced that healthcare software firm Graphium Health has selected the Motion C5v Tablet PC and the J3500 Tablet PC to develop, a web-based application which digitizes the existing intraoperative anesthesia form so users can document via a tablet PC, effectively connecting the anesthesiologist to the cloud.

To hear Graphium Health tell it, Motion Computing’s Windows PC tablets were just what the doctor ordered.

“Compared to what’s out on the market, the Motion C5v and J3500 Tablet PCs have three distinct advantages,” said Dr. Jeffrey R. Zavaleta, a private-practice pediatric anesthesiologist and chief medical officer of Graphium Health.

“First, the durability is unsurpassed, and common disinfectant wipes easily cleansed contaminated units; second, the stylus input was a must for our ‘digital pen and paper’ solution; finally the Windows 7 operating system allows our IT department to easily disk image and support the hardware.

"With the running on Motion Tablet PCs, I can keep pace with my fastest surgeons.”

Sit up straight and keep your iPad in portrait mode

Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina plans to make the iPad standard issue for students K-12 starting with the next school year with the cost incorporated into the annual tuition.

Students will be expected to take their iPads home each night and return to school with them charged each day. (How long till the first "the dog ate my charger" excuse is made?) Students in kindergarten and the lower grades will use their iPads during the school day while in class.

Far from a rigid or tightly controlled rollout, the school says it will provide the apps requested  by teachers and departments, “but encourages students to explore other available apps.” The school will also provide student and parent training sessions at the beginning of the school year.

Hammond School Headmaster Chris Angel said traditional textbooks have become too cumbersome, expensive and much of the information outdated. "The introduction of new technology will further enhance inspirational teaching,” he said in a release.

“This is a monumental paradigm shift in education, and we are right there on the edge, leading the charge into the twenty-first century."


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