Kazakhstan to bring tablets to all school children by 2020

November 14, 2011

Kazakhstan is aiming to bring tablets to all school pupils in the next few years as part of its electronic learning programme. The country, which is said to be the ninth largest in the world, aims to have purchased 83,000 tablets for use in schools by 2020, although these tablets are unlikely to replace textbooks, as they have done in some schools in the US and Japan.

This programme has also been devised to introduce high-speed Internet access across the country, and a beta version of the program is already in operation in 44 schools.

Kazakhstan’s intention to introduce tablets in schools follows recent announcements from the governments of Turkey and Zimbabwe. South Korea and Japan have also committed to introducing the portable PCs in education.

Kazakhstan has been one for the leading countries for the provision of education in the last three years, according to data from UNESCO. According to official sources, 95% of subjects have been digitalized, while universities have released over 7,000 electronic textbooks.


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