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10.9″ iPad Pro will be the same physical size as 9.7″ model

There are varying reports as to the screen size of the iPad launching next year, but reports are consistent that the model will feature smaller bezels.
avatarby Dan Bartram7 days ago0 comments

Sources confirm Apple will launch 10.5-inch iPad in 2017

Claims coming from the supply chain further cement the rumor that Apple will launch another sized variant of the iPad in 2017.
avatarby Dan Bartram1 week ago0 comments

Eve V is the crowdfunded Surface competitor to beat

The newest components and latest ports make the Eve V a top of the line laptop.
avatarby David Imel2 weeks ago0 comments

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run launches for the iPhone and iPad on Dec. 15 for $10

Nintendo's Super Mario Run is on its way to the iPhone and iPad on December 15th, where it will set users back $9.99.
avatarby John Callaham3 weeks ago1 comments

Best Shopping Apps for iPad – get ready for Black Friday!

An iPad can be a powerful tool for work, for play, and for creating, but it’s also an amazing leisure device as well. In addition to the many media consumption use cases, such as watching videos, scrolling through social media, reading up on the news, and more, it’s without surprise that the iPad makes a great shopping device. Sitting back and relaxing on the couch, doing a bit of online shopping with an iPad can be a dangerous place for some of us. But hey, if you’re not afraid of what your bank account might end up looking like, you at least need some solid iPad shopping apps. So – what are the best shopping apps for iPad? Let’s take a [...]
avatarby A.J. Hartless3 weeks ago0 comments

Verizon begins selling the Ellipsis 8 HD Android tablet for $250

Verizon has started selling the Ellipsis 8 HD Android tablet. The 8-inch device with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is priced at $249.99 without a contract.
avatarby John Callaham4 weeks ago0 comments

This 17.3-inch TCL tablet will bring Alexa to your kitchen

TCL has decided to bake Amazon's Alexa services right into their kitchen-focused tablet. Does it look familiar? That's because it is.
avatarby Edgar Cervantes4 weeks ago1 comments
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