domain is for sale; Auction runs until April 9

April 2, 2014

The domain anchors Heritage Auctions’ April 9 Domain Names & Intellectual Property Auction, the follow-up to Heritage’s inaugural Domain & IP auction late last year, which generated over $1.6 million in total sales. is a unique domain representing one of the fastest-growing tech categories. “Forecasts show that approximately 250 million tablets will ship this year,” said Aron Meystedt, Founder and Director of the Intellectual Property Division at Heritage Auctions. “ represents a tremendous opportunity for a smart, forward-thinking buyer. It’s an opportunity for an established company to solidify its authority in the industry, while owning an asset that will potentially help them reach new customers and rank higher in SEO. It also offers the chance for a newcomer to this category to gain instant credibility and SEO while reaching a whole new customer base.” sold earlier in 2014 for $3.1 million, clearly illustrating that category leading domain names still carry tremendous value and commercial appeal.

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Highlights of the auction also include:

  •, an unforgettable premium one-word domain name, originally registered in 2000 and not publicly available in more than 14 years. “There are very few one-word .com domains of this caliber on the Internet,” said Meystedt. “It’s unforgettable, it’s just a single word and it inspires grand, forward-thinking – exactly what a major brand or product wants to be associated with.”
  •, being made available for the very first time by the owner. With only 676 possible combinations, and the majority of them owned by large corporations, two letter domain names are among the most valuable of all Internet real estate. Many two-letter .com purchases have reached significant amounts. Reported sales include: to Facebook for $8.5 million, to the IG Group for $4.7 million and to Yellow Pages for $3.85 million.
  •,,,,,,, are among others in the auction.

Heritage Auctions is the largest auction house founded in the United States and the world’s third largest, with annual sales of more than $800 million, and 800,000+ online bidder members. The full auction catalog can be found at

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