TabTimes 10 most read stories of 2013

December 31, 2013
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It’s been a year full of new releases, from new iPads and Android tablets to Microsoft’s new Surface 2 and Windows 8.1 that promises to get the software giant back in the tablet game.

Compared to last year’s Most Read list that was dominated by reviews, it’s interesting to note more of a mix of article types in 2013. I’d like to humbly submit that we’ve upped our game in terms of insightful opinion columns, more how to’s and of course reviews.

We have more great features and content planned for 2014 and hope you’ll continue to make us part of your daily check in as an indispensable resource for tablet users. Happy New Year!  –David Needle, Editor.

1) Turn your iPad into a second monitor for free

Just because you love your iPad doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mind using it to get more screen real estate for your desktop PC, especially for free. 

2) How to use Find my iPad when you’ve lost your iPad or iPad mini

Not sure if a lot of people had to find this article in a panic because they’d just lost their iPad or were simply being prepared in case of such an emergency. Either way, it’s a good article for iPad users to keep close at hand. 

3) 20 best iPad productivity apps

Our pick for the 20 best iPad productivity apps earlier this year helped users discover a wide range of handy apps.

4) How Google’s Nexus 7 exposes the big myth about Android tablets

Oh we hit a nerve with this analysis of how much of a “deal” low cost tablets really are. Be sure to check out the lively debates in the comments section.

5) The 10 best tablets of all time

Sometimes it’s useful to take a break and reflect on how far a fast moving industry like tablets has come. TabTimes Founding Editor George Jones does just that with his opinionated Top 10 analysis. 

6) iPad Air versus iPad mini: How to figure out which Apple tablet is right for you

Apple’s two newest iPads created a dilemma for would be buyers – which is the right one to get. Columnist Ben Bajarin did an excellent job of breaking down which iPad model best suits certain kinds of users. 

7) Ditch the iPad email app? 5 fearless alternatives worth considering

Again the theme of getting more out of your tablet proved popular as we break out alternatives Apple’s email solution. 

8) With iOS 7 Apple has tossed 30 years of progress out the window

Guest columnist Jonathan Rotenberg lit up the comments section with his detailed and impassioned critique of Apple’s iOS 7.

9) The 5 best browsers for Apple’s iPad 

As this comparison review article shows, there are several great alternatives to Apple’s Safari browser for surfing the web on your iPad.

10) 6 hassle free remote desktop apps for the iPad

Road warriors clearly appreciate the ability to access their desktop apps from the iPad. 

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