TabTimes audience: C-suite, Fortune 500, IT… and larger tablet deployments than we expected

January 3, 2012

As you’ve probably already noticed, we love statistics and stat-based analysis at TabTimes, so we’ve been poring over the initial aggregation of the first wave of profiles created on our site with great enthusiasm.

In order to sign up for TabTimes Daily Update newsletter and to comment on our site, we’ve asked our most loyal users to register by filling out a short profile answering questions about their careers, their employers, the level of tablet deployment in their organizations and more.

We just pulled our first sample of audience demographic data, based on more than 400 registrations, and the results are interesting. Here’s a short assessment of who you are, who you work for, and how engaged your employers are in the tablet movement.

Employment mirrors real-world tablet interest

We weren’t surprised to discover that 25% of our audience works for an IT-related employer – that’s typical of many tech-related publications. And while it makes sense, we were slightly surprised to see that our audience’s companies proportionally matched our perceived level of interest and utilization of tablets in workplaces. After the IT sector, 20% of TabTimes readers work in media, 11% in education, 10% in marketing, 10% in business services. 8% in healthcare, while Government and Finance & Insurance trail all other industries at 3% each.

The companies you work for are wide-ranging, but include a high concentration of big companies, such as Xerox, Continental Airlines, Staples, Walmart, 3M, Nestle, the U.S. Navy, Deloitte & Touche, Boston University, the Alabama Department of Education, Motorola, Cisco and (of course) Google and Apple.

High concentration of C-suite readers

Also interesting was the level of responsibility you have in your organizations. Here are the numbers:

  • 36% of TabTimes readers are a Principal, Chief officer or Vice President;
  • 31% area director or a manager in their organization;
  • 32% are a professional of some sort.

20% of tablet deployments greater than 1,000

Given the large number of respondents who work for big corporations, the numbers we’re seeing around size of tablet deployment makes sense, but we found ourselves surprised nonetheless. Almost 20% of our audience works for a company that has deployed over 1,000 tablets in their organization. Almost half of this group is seeing a deployment of more than 5,000 tablets.

Not surprisingly, given that so many organizations are still feeling their way through using tablets at work, the majority of deployments are smaller. 15% of you work for employers who have deployed 100 to 1,000 tablets, while the remaining 60%, which include small business owners and self employed individuals, are seeing tablet deployments below 100.

This profile perfectly matches the target audience we had envisioned for TabTimes: managers, professionals and business people, who may or may not work in an IT department, but who share a passion for what tablets can do for their employees, their colleagues and their customers.

We now have a better sense of the early adopters that we call the "tablet evangelists" and we are glad to see their audience grow by the day on our site, in our newsletter and on social platforms. We are privileged to earn to your confidence and to help you make decisions on how to best use tablets for business, work and productivity.


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