TabTimes Games partners with the ECA, offering free memberships to subscribers

December 12, 2013

Readers in the U.S. and Canada who sign up for our free, weekly TabTimes Games newsletter will see a link in the newsletter granting them free membership to the Entertainment Consumers Association, an organization that fights and speaks for gamers everywhere. Membership is normally $20, but TabTimes Games newsletter subscribers will get in for free.

The ECA is a consumer advocacy group that seeks to unite gamers, dismantle stereotypes, and speak on our behalf. The organization has helped gamers battle lawmakers in the supreme court and even game companies themselves, when those companies act in ways that harm the industry and gaming culture. On top of helping to support an organization with gamers’ best interests at heart, membership benefits include retail game discounts, cheaper entrance to gaming events, community events at the ECA’s local chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada, and more.

"From our perspective, many people who were not previously gamers are discovering the joy of gaming on tablets,” said ECA VP of Marketing Heather Ellertson.

“As a result, iPads and other tablets are becoming an important platform for games. As such the ECA is excited to partner with TabTimes on the launch of TabTimes Games, the only dedicated resource we know of for iPad and other tablet games."

So sign up for the free TabTimes Games newsletter, and in addition to getting the best tablet gaming coverage delivered straight to your inbox every Saturday, you’ll earn a free membership to the only advocacy group that speaks and fights on behalf of all gamers, tablet or otherwise.


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