TabTimes’ 15 most read stories of 2012

December 31, 2012

There is an interesting mix of stories among the 15 most read in 2012 spanning Android, iPad, iPhone and more. Stories speculating on the rumored “iPad 3” got top marks as did slideshows and reviews of productivity apps. But since we’re all consumers, it’s no surprise to see several consumer-focused pieces among the top 15 as well.

We hope you’ll look to TabTimes for more great tablet coverage in the year ahead. Please let us know how we’re doing –David Needle, Editor.

1) The 25 best Android tablet apps for work, productivity, and business
From medical reference to real-time language translation, this list of the best 25 apps offers power, flexibility, and protection for mobile workers.

2) 5 affordable Android tablets for your children
TabTimes looks at five excellent (and affordable) Android tablets for young children.

3) IHS: ‘iPhone 5 will transform the market for mobile content'
An analysis of the impact of Apple's release of the iPhone 5 including the prediction that Apple will revive the market for on-demand mobile TV and video.

4) 10 amazing wallpapers for your new Nexus 7
Some dazzling wallpaper to add flash and flare to the Nexus 7 tablet. 

5) Reviewed: 9 handwriting apps for iPad
We put a range of writing apps through their paces to see which had the write stuff to give you the most effective document tool.

6) The 6 best iPad presentation apps
TabTimes selects the finest iPad apps for creating, modifying, and/or presenting your deck.

7) The 7 best alternative iPad apps to MS Office and iWork
From SmartOffice to QuickOffice and more. 

8) Seven iPad 3 rumors that are probably true — and three that definitely aren't
No one guessed Apple wouldn't actually give the new IPad a new name. True confessions – we also thought Apple might include a stylus. 

9) 15 Best Kindle Fire apps for work, productivity, and business
Media consumption? Sure, but guess what? You can put that Kindle Fire to work too. 

10) iPad Mini: if not now, when?
Turned out we didn't have long to wait to find out yes indeed, Apple was ready to release a smaller iPad. 

11) The best iPad apps for productivity and life management
From Instapaper, WebEx, Omni Outliner, Peak Meetings HD, Dragon Dictation and more. 

12) Compatibility guaranteed: The 12 best new iPad accessories
Keyboard case/covers, foldable keyboards, wireless keyboard and more. 

13) The iPhone 5 is a surefire hit, but faces long term challenges
As predicted, the iPhone 5 was indeed a hit, but Apple's best-seller faces unprecedented competition from Android alternatives.

14) TabTimes presents the best 100 iPad apps
Last year's round-up of the best 100 iPad apps was a popular, frequently-referenced feature throughout the year as we're sure the latest edition will be as well. 

15) How-To: Tame your inbox with SaneBox
SaneBox automatically filters your messages, moving less important stuff to the side, and making sure your important messages stay front and center.


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