TabTimes releases its first Strategy Guide: ‘How to Deploy Tablets in Your Organization’

May 24, 2012
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TabTimes is now offering a new guide that focuses on the specific strategies used by four organizations (Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola Bottling, General Mills and Bayada Home Health Care) in their efforts to strengthen business efficiencies through tablet deployments.

Extensive reporting reveals the steps — and missteps — projects leaders took as they created tablet programs for the specific needs of employee groups. Coca-Cola Bottling, for example, figured out how to more efficiently enable their sales reps to grab and hold the attention of their customers, which has also resulted in a sales increase.

Ford, meanwhile, decided to become an avid proponent of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement and found that the decision increased worker morale, especially among tech-savvy workers in their 20s and paved the way for more sophisticated deployments.

The guide offers up specific datelines, costs and deployment numbers to help readers compare and contrast business needs at his/her organization or client.

“The most valuable lesson to be learned is that smart companies adapt their tablet strategy to their individual business conditions,” the guide concludes.

How to Deploy Tablets in Your Organization” is reported and written by Eric Lai, a technology journalist who focuses on deployment strategies in the enterprise. It is edited by Steven Lang, TabTimes managing editor and business director.

The information-packed deployment guide is available now as a PDF eguide, easy to read on your tablet or your computer screen, for $49 at


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