TabTimes Tablet Strategy conference comes to San Francisco on February 20, 2013

October 31, 2012
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At the very successful first edition of the Tablet Strategy conference, last April in New York City, many attendees requested that we hold a similar event closer to Silicon Valley.

This is why, in 2013, Tablet Strategy will be a two event series. The first one, Tablet Strategy West, will take place on February 20 at the Marriott Waterfront, a splendid hotel with spectacular views of the Bay located near the San Francisco airport, just north of Silicon Valley. The second Tablet Strategy conference will be held two months later in New York City.

Tablet Strategy conferences allow business and IT managers involved in tablet projects to share their experiences, and discuss best practices and trends in tablet adoption by organizations. Under the guidance of our Content Advisory Board members – TabTimes’ Think Tank -, we are preparing four main panel sessions:

  • Tablets’ role at the workplace: at some point, will they replace the office PC?
  • Tablets in the field: how tablets empower mobile employees
  • How to best manage a tablet project in your organization
  • The first ever Tablet Leaders Summit, which will cap the day by gathering managers from some of the the organizations featured in TabTimes’ Tablet Leaders series.

In addition to panel discussions, we will have four tablet project managers, from early-adapting industries, come on stage and tell how their own organization is benefiting from tablet usage.

The single and targeted focus of “tablets in the enterprise” makes Tablet Strategy West a must-go event for all businesses and institutions on the West Coast who are considering, or already involved in, a tablet project. Learn more at

While we are assembling our roster of speakers and panelists (contact us if you wish to participate as a speaker or sponsor), please check our agenda and, if you are involved in a tablet project for your organization, sign up now as a TabTimes PRO member (or upgrade to a Pro membership if you already registered to receive a TabTimes newsletter): it’s free and you should receive an invitation soon for this conference.

(If you are not involved in a corporate tablet project or if you are a vendor of tablet-related products and services and would still like to attend, take advantage of our Super early bird rate on our regular event registration page.)


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