Asus VivoTab Note 8

There was a time a hundred bucks might get you a decent computer accessory like a high end mouse, or speakers, but a full-fledged computer? Unheard of until now.

Recent price breakthroughs in... Intel-based tablets and special offers from Microsoft have produced a slew of great tablet deals at $100-$200 for full-fledged Windows 8.1 tablets in the 7- to 8-inch display range.

There are so...

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Following shortly after Dell announced the Venue Pro tablet and a day on from Lenovo unveiling the Miix 2, Acer introduced its own Windows 8.1 tablet and said that it will start shipping in the U.S.... later this month.

As rumored, the Iconia A4 has an improved 1280 x 800 resolution IPS display with wide 170 degree viewing angles and better sunlight readability. It also has Intel’s Bay...

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Dutch tech website got the chance to go hands-on with the device and detailed how the model has, as rumoured, an improved “wide view angle” (probably IPS) 1280 x 800 resolution... display, Windows 8.1 and the new 1.33GHz Atom Z3740 processor.

The tablet will reportedly still come with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

Acer only launched the Iconia W3 in June but the ta...

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Well-regarded Windows blogger Paul Thurrott posted what appears to be promotional image on WinSuperSite and detailed that the ‘Sirius’ tablet has a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS display,... the quad-core Qualcomm 8974 processor and a battery life of around 10 hours. The slate will however apparently retail for a pricey $499.

Not content with detailing just one product however, Thurrott w...

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In comments that were first reported by The Wall Street Journal, Acer chairman J.T. Wang revealed that smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks are likely to make up 10-12% of the company’s revenue... by the end of 2013, before rising rapidly to 30% one year later.

Wang went onto subtly reveal that the company is edging away from Windows 8.

 “We are trying to grow our non-Wi...

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The tablets can now be found at the aforementioned prices on Microsoft Store as well as other retailers like Amazon and Staples, and the deals would seem to indicate that a new model is approaching.

A... senior Acer official last month told a German website that the firm was preparing to launch the second-generation tablet in September. Acer spokesman Sterre Swank said that the follow-up model would be a thinn...

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In an interview with All Things D, Shih appeared to rule out the possibility of the firm launching new Windows RT tablets by saying that the Taiwanese firm is instead focusing on building fully-fledged... Windows 8 models with Intel chips.

“The result is not very promising,” said Shih on Windows RT, which powered Asus’s own VivoTab RT and Microsoft’s Surface RT.

The A...

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CITEworld reports that the Netherlands-based PaceBlade Technology started developing a digital flight bag for 8-inch Windows 8 after several fighter pilots asked for their assistance.

The firm’s... CTO Erik Cornelisse, who has previously served as a military pilot, said that pilots found the normal iPad to be “too big” and the iPad mini to be too small. They also apparently found that bo...

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Citing Taiwan-based supply chain makers, Digitimes writes that Toshiba has placed orders for an entry-level tablet, known as the AT7-A, and says that the model will be released in the third quarter.

This... would leave Dell as the only first-tier vendor not to have joined the entry-level 7-inch tablet market, although there has been speculation that that could change in future.

However, despite sub-$200 table...

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Acer spokesman Sterre Swank told German tech website that a thinner, lighter build will be coming in September, possibly with an improved IPS display. The current model offers a 1280 x... 800 resolution screen.

The company has refused to comment publicly on the matter, although presumably a hi-res screen would see the tablet’s price jump up from $380 for the first-generat...