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The best WiFi routers to get you connected

There are an infinite amount of WiFi routers out there and it may be hard to decide on which one to choose. Here are our favorites to get you connected.
avatarby Alex Mullis13 hours ago0 comments

Best iPhone 7 bumper cases

How do you know which case to purchase? We have put together a list of our favorite iPhone 7 bumper cases. Let's dig right in!
avatarby Edgar Cervantes2 weeks ago0 comments

Best portable hard drives – external storage on the go

Finding the best portable hard drive can be a challenge, with there being many different options to choose from. We narrowed it down to our top 5 drives to take your data with you.
avatarby Alex Mullis2 weeks ago1 comments

Best SSDs – faster than a speeding hard drive, just as much storage

Storage is critical on tablets, as on ultrabooks and laptops, if you're looking to upgrade the latter, we recommend an SSD. Here's our list of the best SSDs.
avatarby Jonathan Feist3 weeks ago1 comments

The best WiFi extender – wireless adapters to extend your coverage

More than likely, your WiFi does not cover your whole house. The good news is this is an easy fix with a "WiFi extender". Here are our favorites to help bring WiFi to every inch of your living space.
avatarby Alex Mullis4 weeks ago1 comments

The best standing desks to improve your lifestyle

Standing desks have been proven to be better for you in multiple ways. Here we look at some of our favorites to replace your "normal" sitting desks.
avatarby Alex MullisAugust 23, 20160 comments

What are the best laptop sleeves?

What are the best laptop sleeves? We answer this question with our top picks including sleeves that are waterproof, drop resistant and just plain look good.
avatarby Alex MullisAugust 22, 20160 comments
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