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Best Laptop Cooling Pads to prevent overheating

How can you control laptop temperature? You could just go easy on tasks, but then why have a capable computer? You are better off grabbing one of our pick of the best laptop cooling pads!
avatarby Edgar Cervantes1 week ago0 comments

Worldwide tablet sales declined by nearly 15% in Q3 2016, says IDC

Research firm IDC stated that worldwide tablet sales went down by 14.7% in the third quarter of 2016, compared to the same period a year ago.
avatarby John Callaham2 weeks ago0 comments

Apple says 90% of the iPhone chargers on Amazon are fake

Apple has done some digging into the chargers sold on Amazon to find that some of the offerings that claim to be genuine are counterfeit products.
avatarby Dan Bartram4 weeks ago0 comments

Amazon could reportedly offer internet service to European Prime members

A new report claims that Amazon is thinking about offering some kind of internet service as part of its Prime membership fee in Europe.
avatarby John Callaham4 weeks ago0 comments

Apple rumored to launch MacBooks with customizable E Ink keyboards in 2018

A new report claims Apple plans to replace the standard keyboard in its MacBooks with ones that use E Ink technology for its keys in 2018.
avatarby John Callaham4 weeks ago0 comments

Microsoft reaches ‘human parity’ for conversational speech recognition

Microsoft researchers have announced a breakthrough speech recognition technology that transcribes spoken words as well as you and me.
avatarby Robert Triggs4 weeks ago0 comments

World thinnest laptop Acer Swift 7 goes on sale

At just 9.98mm slim, the Acer Swift 7 claims the title of the world's thinnest laptop, and it's now on sale.
avatarby Dan BartramOctober 17, 20160 comments
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