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April 27, 2012

Quickoffice improves popular Android apps, wants to make you more productive

Both apps offer up a selection of advanced PDF annotation features, with users now able to draw directly on files, highlight text, insert shapes and add and remove contents, while the new dictionary allows spell checks to be carried out in English, French, German and Spanish. Android tablet users should also be able to tap into the new keyboard shortcuts for quicker document creation and editing, while a laser pointer is now included for those looking to conduct presentations.

Quickoffice has also added some less obvious changes to the two Android applications, including an improved table functionality toolbar for inserting, deleting and resizing tabless – with one [...]

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February 8, 2012

New update for Google Voice reveals Android tablet enhancements

Version of the app brings about an Ice Cream Sandwich-friendly user interface and icon, and introduces a new Click-to-Call button to the main screen. There is also a deeper integration into the People app, enabling users to initiate a Google Voice call simply by clicking on a contact entry.

Furthermore, the update brings about the addition of asynchronous SMS sending, which allows users to send messages when users are offline, putting them aside for later delivery. The new update is now available for download from the Android Market.

Earlier this week, Google made available its Chrome browser available in the form of a beta version for Android smartphones [...]

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February 8, 2012

Chrome browser for Android finally arrives in beta release

The beta release is designed for tablets with the latest release of Android, Android 4.0, also know as the Ice Cream Sandwich version. 

“Chrome for Android is designed from the ground up for mobile devices. We re-imagined tabs so they fit just as naturally on a small-screen phone as they do on a larger screen tablet,” said Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior VP of Chrome and Apps, in a blog post. “You can flip or swipe between an unlimited number of tabs using intuitive gestures, as  if you’re holding a deck of cards in the palm of your hands, each one a new window to the web.” 

Current Chrome users can [...]

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December 22, 2011

Latest Firefox browser is optimized for Android tablets

Firefox 9 features a revamped user interface to enhance browsing on tablet screens and is similar to the group’s previous releases in that it integrates with Firefox Sync, which makes it easy to access browsing history and open tabs, bookmarks and saved passwords across desktop and mobile devices.

Web browsing is optimized for portrait and widescreen viewing, while there is a new Action Bar menu, where users can access Firefox Preferences, Add-ons and downloads. The Action Bar also adds back, forward and one-touch bookmark buttons for easy navigation.

For developers, the new Firefox 9 includes a set of enhanced HTML5 tools –including the HTML 5 Input Tag for [...]

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November 21, 2011

ScreenSlider transforms your Android tablet into a second display monitor

ScreenSlider allows an Android device to be used as a wireless external display, allowing users to view email, widgets, Facebook and other applications on their tablet, all while working on their primary computing display.

ScreenSlider Pro is an in-app upgrade for ScreenSlider and allows users to continue work even when away from their desk. The Android app supports pinch-to-zoom on Windows apps, mirror mode viewing from the Windows desktop as well as right/left click functions on their touchscreen.

“Most people who own a tablet keep it turned off and in its case for most of the day while working on their PC or laptop”, said Celio Corp CEO William H. [...]

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November 7, 2011

Archos’ Android tablets invade G20 and B20 summits

The 10-inch 101 G9 tablet was handed out to the heads of state and government members of G20 countries, as well as to journalists and other delegates attending the summit.

The dual-core Android 3.2 tablets were pre-loaded with the official application of the French Presidency for the G20 and G8 summits, as well as international newspaper applications and local map information.

The models were also able to access content from the summit in real-time, via the G20G8.com website, and were allowed to download additional applications from Android Market.

As part of the B20 summit, presidents of business confederations, and the 120 international business leaders, [...]

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October 26, 2011

Android tablet users get “top magazine” articles for free via Zinio

Zinio announced this week that its Zinio Explore newsstand is now available for Android tablet users at the Android Market. 

Zinio Explore is offered alongside the “Shop” and “Read” sections designed to provide easy access to relevant topical stories across every major magazine genre, from sports to entertainment and business to lifestyle. Zinio said articles are updated daily, as new issues hit newsstands, and include such popular titles as Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Outside, T3, Marie Claire, Maxim, Rolling Stone and National Geographic.

“With Zinio, just like browsing a newsstand, readers can [...]

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October 24, 2011

Zinio gives Android tablet owners top magazine articles for free

Located in the newest version of the Zinio app's toolbar, the "Explore" feature calls up a number of the latest articles from major magazines such as Rolling Stone, National Geographic, The Economist, and more. 

"With Zinio, just like browsing a newsstand, readers can pick a magazine and read a quick article, Zinio President and CEO Rich Maggiotto said in a release. "But unlike a real-world newsstand, or any other digital newsstand, Zinio offers 5,000 magazines, covering every subject."

Left unsaid by Maggiotto is the promise (or hope) that the more readers are exposed to high-profile articles, the more likely they we will be to buy [...]

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