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Who is Siri? Atlanta woman says she’s the voice behind Apple’s personal assistant

An Atlanta voice-over actress, Susan Bennett, says it's her – or at least was. "I'm the voice actor who provided the voice of Siri," Bennett told CNN in an interview. Bennett told the news network she worked four hours a day for the entire month of July 2005 recording segments in her home recording booth. She said she was paid by the hour but wouldn't say for how much. Apple has since gone with another female voice for iOS 7. However well-known their voices become, voice-over actors usually work in obscurity. For years virtually no one knew (and relatively few do now) that Elwood Edwards was the voice behind America [...]
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Incredimail iPad app tries to make email more personal, less boring

The developer says that the free app, which is now on version 1.2.0, has been significantly improved when it comes to email loading and syncing, and adds that it can now archive Gmail messages. Users can also directly move messages to folders from the full-screen message view, select from the growing collection of background images to personalize their outbound emails and even see Facebook photo captions. Incredimail launched in March and was well-received by a number of reviewers, including TabTimes.  The app supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and other email accounts (IMAP email accounts are supported, POP3 accounts are not), and boasts a number of excellent [...]
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