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The app, which is now on version 5.5.3, now boasts a new layout for user profiles and pull-to-refresh animation, while users should also find that they can swipe up from the image viewer to dismiss... photos.

At the same time, developer Iconfactory has made numerous bug fixes and a result the app seems to run a lot faster than it ever has in the past.

Twitterific 5 is a universal app...

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The app, now on version 5.1, looks only slightly different to the previous version but sports an array of new features.

Aside the new color scheme, it’s now easier to browse and organize... videos and you can order articles based on factors like length, date and popularity.

The app has also been boosted with some performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Instapaper, whic...

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The iOS 7 New Tab Page Chrome extension replaces the regular new tab page with an interface that can easily be mistaken for iOS 7.

A default set of “apps” on the screen... are really just shortcuts to Web sites.

The “App Store” allows you to install additional preconfigured shortcuts to one of the three screens. If you want to delete the apps or rear...

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The FCC filing details how the stylus is rubber-tipped and Bluetooth powered and describes how it can draw on a touchscreen “like a canvas”. There are also apparently two different versions;... one which is crafted from wood and another which is made of aluminium alloy.

The Paper sketching app has won wide-spread applause since its introduction to the App Store some 18 months ago, and the...

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The idea is to give recruiters on the go ready access to the tools they need to find find the best job candidates

LinkedIn says that 33% of the site’s 230 million-plus members visit... LinkedIn from mobile devices. 

The LinkedIn Recruiter app is free if you already have a  Recruiter account. It’s currently only available for the iPhone in the App Stor...

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The app is free to download from the Apple App Store and offers an array of useful features — from ultra wideband 44kHz audio that “feels like you’re in a recording studio” and... video at 60 frames per second to the ability to take part in group discussions.

As with Google Hangouts, Spin lets users connect with up to ten people in “Gatherings” and these people...

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Appcelerator’s survey found that only 7% of those surveyed employ someone in charge of mobile such as a VP of Mobility or Mobile Strategist. Another 8% said they plan to employ such a person,... while 85% said they have no plans to employ anyone with full-time responsibility for mobile. 

While it’s not clear you can connect the dots from not having a mobile leader to confid...

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As Tom Warren is reporting on The Verge, Microsoft demonstrated a single app store for Windows and Windows Phone during its annual company meeting in Seattle on September 26.

The new unified... store is supposedly going to be part of the next version of Windows (i.e. the next updated after Windows 8.1).

At the company's Financial Analyst Meeting last week, Executive Vice Presiden...

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The change, first discovered by a Reddit user on Monday, now prompts owners to download the “latest compatible version” of an app, even if that app is not supported by their device’s... firmware.

For example, a user running iOS 5 will be able to – for the first time – download an application that supports that version of the mobile operating system, even if the app&#...

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The New York-based firm updated its iPad app to version 3.0 today and says that the new version has been “rebuilt from the ground up” to make it easier for users to create, edit and distribute... interactive presentations from their iPad.

There’s a plethora of neat features with the app, with users able to add photos, text and videos simply by tapping and holding the screen, and content...