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iPhone 8 may have a ‘gentler’ curved screen compared to Galaxy S7 Edge

A new report claims that while the upcoming iPhone 8 may have a curved OLED display, it will be "gentler" compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
avatarby John Callaham1 week ago0 comments

New rumors claim iPhone 8 may be called ‘iPhone Edition’, may not have OLED display

New rumors claim the big 5.8-inch iPhone 8 may be officially called 'iPhone Edition', and it may not have an OLED display after all.
avatarby John Callaham2 weeks ago0 comments

iPhone 8 will have lightning connection with USB Type-C fast charging

The iPhone 8 will retain the Lightning connector on all variants of the device but will include the fast charging capability of USB Type-C.
avatarby Dan Bartram3 weeks ago0 comments

iPhone 8 curved screen reportedly scrapped

Samsung's curved screen devices have received plenty of love and previous rumors suggested Apple was to follow this trend. Now those rumors are being refuted by yet another murmur.
avatarby Edgar CervantesFebruary 23, 20170 comments

Apple might have just bought a startup specializing in facial-recognition tech

Apple is said to have purchased Israeli startup RealFace, responsible for creating a facial recognition technology which uses deep learning.
avatarby Scott Adam GordonFebruary 20, 20170 comments

iPhone 8 reportedly losing home button for all-new “function area”

The feature which would house virtual buttons as well as finger-scanning technology.
avatarby Scott Adam GordonFebruary 16, 20170 comments

Rumored 5.8-inch iPhone 8 with OLED display could cost over $1,000

A new report claims the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone 8, with an OLED display, could be the first iPhone to cost over $1,000 without a contract.
avatarby John VelascoFebruary 8, 20170 comments
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