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March 8, 2013

Motion Computing says biz demand is still strong for Windows 7 tablets

The company, based out of Austin, Texas, was exhibiting a collection of tablets at the Insight Technology Show in London today, where it stressed that demand remains strong for Windows 7, despite the release of Windows 8.

“Windows 8 is great for us, but some customers realize that there are limitations with it,” said Motion Computing's Northern Europe country manager Ian Davies.

“Today, our customers say that Windows 7 is what they need. A lot of them are still transitioning from XP and some research suggests that businesses will skip Windows 8 altogether and go to Windows 9.”

Motion, which confirmed at the show that it has fitted [...]

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December 7, 2012

U.S. military taps Xplore for over 900 rugged tablets

The Austin, Texas-based company, famous for boasting it builds the world’s most rugged tablets, said the order is for over 900 of its iX104C5M rugged Windows tablets. The Windows 7 tablets (upgradeable to Windows 8) will be delivered over the next several months.

A spokesperson for Xplore said the contract limits what it can say about the deal, such as the value of the order and what other vendors bid. Statements by company execs indicate it’s the first (of what it hopes are many) major military contracts.

“We believe the value proposition of our rugged tablet computer should make it the device of choice for military field applications,” said [...]

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August 31, 2012

Google: Tablets are primarily used at home for entertainment and shopping

Google worked with research firms Ipsos and Sterling Brands for the 'The New Multi-screen World' study, which polled 1,611 participants in Austin, Boston and LA on their screen habits in Q2.

The survey revealed that tablets are primarily used at home (only 21% use their tablets outside of the house) for entertainment (cited by 63% of users) and communication (32%). Most tablet users agreed that they took a ‘relaxed and leisurely approach’ when using their device.

Google’s study also indicated that tablets are the favoured home device when it comes to online shopping (11%) or planning trips (15%), and revealed that 75% of tablet owners use [...]

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