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More Windows 8.1 features coming, including new Photo Loop

In advance of the launch Microsoft is readying updates to its built-in Bing search, Bing apps, and the Camera app. The new Photo Loop feature requires new camera hardware that will be available in the Surface 2 and other tablets this holiday season. When you open the Camera app on Windows 8.1 with a compatible device it will start to instantly take pictures from the moment it’s loaded. While you won’t see it taking pictures, it acts as a temporary buffer so you can use a radial menu to rewind a photo where someone may have blinked or looked away.   Source article
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Paid search ad spending on Google dips overall, but tablets a bright spot

For example, search engine marketers spent more on advertising in Q1 to run ads on smartphone and tablet devices, says digital marketing agency IgnitionOne, which compiled the report. Spending on both devices rose nearly equal amounts, with tablets up 112% and smartphones up 113% from last year. That growth came at the expense of money spent on trying to reach desktop users. Impressions on tablets rose 129%, and clicks 79%, while smartphones rose 27% and 25%, respectively in the quarter. On average, tablet users spent 17% more time on sites and had 9% higher engagement scores. IgnitionOne uses engagement as part of their scoring system that measures behavior and propensity to [...]
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