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How to delete apps on iPhone 7

It only takes a moment to install an app on your iPhone 7, luckily, it's just as fast to delete apps on iPhone 7. For those new to iOS, here's how it's done.
avatarby Jonathan FeistOctober 13, 20160 comments

Best iPhone 7 cases – protect your investment!

The iPhone 7 is an expensive smartphone so it's always wise to protect your investment with a case. Which are the best iPhone 7 cases to buy though?
avatarby Leon HitchensSeptember 24, 20160 comments

First look at the iPhone 7 camera

Apple just unveiled the iPhone 7, and its camera looks pretty impressive. This is doubly true for the Plus variant, which sports a dual 12MP setup.
avatarby John DyeSeptember 7, 20160 comments

Apple drops the headphone jack, introduces AirPods

As expected, Apple has axed the headphone jack in favor if lightening and its own new AirPod wireless headphones.
avatarby Andrew GrushSeptember 7, 20160 comments

16 tips for data collection and engaging customers on mobile devices

To overcome these complexities, Howard Treisman, chief technology officer at Avoka Technologies, has authored a free whitepaper that discusses 16 best practices to executing a successful mobile engagement and data collection strategy. Among these 16, here are the first 5 best practices from the report, with a sampling of the recommendations: Buy vs Build: Keep in mind that data collection can be complex and multi-tiered and therefore prohibitively expensive to custom design. Cloud vs On-Premise: Question whether there are any genuine reasons for insisting on an on-premise solution. Replicating the Power of Paper: Your choice should allow you to [...]
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 15, 20130 comments

Aereo For Android – 30 live TV channels on your smartphone or tablet

The company says the public beta, available for Android 4.2 or higher devices, will let tablet and other device users surf between 30 channels and record the shows remotely. Android users will also have the option to save on their cable bill by accessing Aereo through a Roku box.  Aereo service is currently available in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Houston and Dallas. However, the service has already been challenged in court by some broadcast networks who have argued Aereo is illegally reproducing their content.  Source article
avatarby Tab TimesOctober 10, 20130 comments

Oracle demos do-it-yourself DukePad tablet based on Raspberry PI and Java

SAN FRANCISCO — At the JavaOne technical keynote, engineers with Oracle’s Java division unwrapped what they call the DukePad. The nearly 2-inch thick tablet device is powered by a computer the size of a deck of cards that is typically used for school instruction and other research projects. The device supports a 10-inch screen and can run streaming video, game-quality graphics and typical office productivity apps. Harkening back to the days when home computers were built from scratch, the DukePad was built using off-the-shelf components. The tablet features a touch screen, camera, HDMI, and USB outputs. According to the project leads, “the software on [...]
avatarby Tab TimesSeptember 25, 20130 comments
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